Our company's core mission is shared success. We're only successful, when you're successful. We're looking to support game development by providing an innovative merchandising opportunity to fund, and offset costs through expanding our partners' line and value, with no monetary commitment and little time involvement.


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U-Dimensions' Products   

Christina Guo, Founder at U-Dimensions



U-Dimensions is a video game marketing and merchandising platform specializing in 3D printed personalized collectibles based on fan favorite video game characters. Fans can customize their favorite game characters by changing color, size, and even have the opportunity to build their own 3D printed game merchandise.


U-Dimensions' goal is to make it easier for game companies to develop and expand their merchandise line, and allow them to gain extra profit from games. The unique, and free platform makes it possible for game companies to reach a larger audience, and allows for a variety of 3D printing merchandise options. Our software allows for company's 2D or 3D game elements to be automatically converted into 3D-print ready elements. The free model also allows game companies to gain commission while U-Dimensions take care of production and distribution.