Saving Indie Developers:

                          How 3D printed merchandise can help solve some of the problems that indie developers face


by Matt Weir




Indie developers are swamped with pits to jump over, rocks to dodge, coins or trinkets to collect, and more. The life of an indie developer, and that of a small development team, very much resembles that of a character in a classic side scroller.


Shovel Knight Gameplay


The first thing that stands out, and will always stand out till the end of time is that you as Indie developers, struggle with getting funding for your projects. The simple truth is for many there is little to no money in it. Many developers don't have the means to provide high monetary incentives to get people to work for them, and most members have to be truly passionate about the project – this lack of funds extend to other things such as providing computers, software, office space etc. for their teams. Even with the emergence of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, things have not improved effectively to help developers, with many still feeling like they are treading water. Developers also often fail to account for the costs of the perks they offer into the amount of funding they need - in some cases to the point of just breaking even. Miscalculations and underplanning, accompanied with increased attention and publicity, can rush a project to mediocrity.


Needless to say, the market is flooded with games, and game companies – small, medium, and big. In fact, many of the smaller studios are often developers who have left a big game company in their pursuit of creative freedom, and independence. As a small developer you are competing with everyone, and of the little funding that trickles down to indie developers, it tends to go to only the most senior of studios. Nowadays it seems like everyone is capable of designing, and putting out his or her own games – especially with softwares such as Unity, where people without any game development background, are able to make a functional game at a Game Jam in a single day. Due to this flooding of the marketplace, it has also become increasingly difficult for developers to create awareness for their games. Developers can make an amazing game that no one little will ever find out about and play, due to lack of publicity and marketing.



Another area of concern for you, is the protection of your IP. You, like everyone else, are vulnerable to hacks and theft, and often cannot afford the legal assistance that you require remedy these issues. And while most aspects of game software are covered under copyright, it is open season when it comes to protecting your game mechanics.


We are here to remedy some of these issues.

U-Dimensions is and will always be a free platform in which you as developers can showcase, and make money off of your designs. Production, and distribution is taken care of for you, so that you can focus on your task at hand: making your small game company into a gaming empire.


The platform itself allows for fans to customize your game characters to their desire, determining the material, size, and function of the product. However it is up to you to determine the limits of customizability that fans have, as well as which products you want incorporated with your designs.



If you are looking to go the crowdfunding route, we are able to provide you with cost effective 3D printed merchandise so that you can offer your fans physical rewards, and you can still come out of it with substantial funding to create your games.


We are also able offer a variety of other services that are not limited to providing a platform for custom 3D printed merchandise. As part of partnering with us, we will feature you on all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), as well as write a feature about your game of your choosing or the company itself on this very blog.


Additionally, we have a variety of YouTube personalities, Twitch streamers, and social media celebrities, who can all help promote your game and content. For instance a quick play video from our YouTube partners, or a stream of one of our Twitch partners playing your game. We are also heavily involved with a number of gaming communities that look to support one another.


Making games, especially as a small indie developer or studio is hard. We are here to offer our services to relieve some of that pressure, and to see your games become successful. We truly believe in the notion of shared success, and will strive to make sure that your dreams become reality.